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Ya know those carpet jobs with the concrete as hard as steel? I just did a 12 by 16 room in an older place south of me yesterday. I had 4 nails go astray.............. the rest went in like I was driving them into a wet log................ I bet I coulda stretched till the carpet ripped without anything comin loose. ..............just sayin
Category: Carpet Post By: JOSE WALKER (Baytown, TX), 01/30/2019

If the nails went in that easily it probably wasn't real concrete but just cement screed.

- TRACEY QUINN (Pinellas Park, FL), 04/10/2019

LO, I had one of them on Wednesday!!!!!:dance::dance::dance:

- EMMA SALAZAR (Olympia, WA), 05/20/2019

I had a job many years ago, where the strip let loose after hammering and drilling reenfoment nails in the conc. I deducted that the conc. was soft and I pounded a roofing nail into the middle of the floor.(all the way to the head with no pilot hole) I also circled it and wrote AHA! for the next guy. It was concrete with expansion joints and all! Just really soft.

- DON AUSTIN (Montebello, CA), 03/31/2019

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