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in th uk we fit carpet slightly different, we dont mould our stairs or upholster them as you'd say here(except the bullnose) and the majority of homes would have door bars or some sort of trim to seperate the rooms. My question is , is it the norm over here not to put door bars down or is it just about cost? where ever ive been, homes here seem to be seamed at doorways and where carpet meets tile theres just the edge of the tile against the carpet. Me personaly i like the upholstered stairs but i think where carpet and ceramic tiles meet it just looks unfinished.
Category: Carpet Post By: PAUL TAYLOR (Chico, CA), 02/15/2019

Its the norm to do what the customer wants. Some don't like the shiny gold or silver metal trims and some insist on having them. The cost is a seperate issue, I include 3 feet per room, or 9 feet per job and the rest I charge for.

- WILLIE ROGERS (Thousand Oaks, CA), 05/06/2019

We routinely run gripper along the edge and tuck carpet to ceramic tile where possible; if the edge is jagged, then cap and channel is more appropriate. We also make it a practice to seam doorways, however, if doorway meets an older installation, then we use pinned metal to maintain stretch. We have a new metal colour which we call titanium, it is kinda like gunstock. We use it whenever possible.

- CINDY LAWRENCE (El Monte, CA), 03/18/2019

Here in NZ we seam doorways, fit gripper and tuck to tiles (unless the tiler is an amateur who hasn't used the L' angle tile bars - then we either use a tile naplock bar or a flat screw down on top) When meeting old carpet we either seam to it (not always possible due to delamination etc) or use whatever door bar the customer is happy with - I always suggest that they get new carpet in those rooms too!

- RAMON SANTIAGO (Boise City, ID), 03/15/2019

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