Forum Title: 1/4 turn carpet
I've mentioned it to a customer and they prefered it turned to prevent a seam. you could not see a difference. And the customer was happy. What do you think . should it be practiced more.
Category: Carpet Post By: DARRYL HALE (Richmond, CA), 01/27/2019

Personally, this goes against everything I've ever been taught!! But, with certain carpets, I believe YES.... (I've secretly done it on occasion, only for a cupboard/wardrobe though)

- FELICIA MOSS (Petaluma, CA), 05/13/2019

I did it a few times in 35 years. Never liked it and never initiated a conversation with a customer about it. But I did it by request and made the customers happy with the look and the savings (which were minor). I would never advocate it though. It just ain't the right way to do it. Jim

- LILLIE LYONS (Rio Rancho, NM), 03/15/2019

I never did it until a few years ago. There is an apartment complex I do for a retailer, and he quarter turns a room in one of the models to save carpet. Of course no one told me this the first time I dd one, and I called up complaining about how short he cut me. I was shocked when he told me about the quarter turning. I think I did one or 2 more my way, then gave in and started quarter turning. Depending on the carpet, which changes constantly, the seam goes from not bad to the best seam in the place. I've also been known to quarter turn a closet here and there for this guy, he just measures that tight, and no amounts of whining, bitching or threats of physical violence will change him.

- GLADYS SIMMONS (Cleveland, OH), 04/22/2019

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